It pays not to get pregnant. Well, at least if you’ve been using the Glow fertility app.

The app, which was released for use on iPhone this past Thursday, guarantees that you’ll conceive a baby within 10 months of use — and if you don’t, the company offers you a monetary grant. Its creators hope that it will help women get pregnant naturally.

Glow’s co-founder, Max Levchin, is also one of the creators of PayPal, an online payment system that allows you to buy things, transfer money, and invoice for services among other things. PayPal’s creators saw the online service as a remedy to the risk involved in paying for things online, so it created a secure environment to exchange money on the internet. Now, with the Glow app, Levchin feels like he’s found a possible solution to another problem.

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“Once we have a few hundred thousand data points, we’ll know a lot more about infertility,” Levchin said.

The Glow app purports to increase the chance of pregnancy by notifying the woman of their most fertile days. And, in the process, it will collect data on successful and unsuccessful attempts at conception. According to Levchin, fertility treatment can become very expensive for families trying to conceive because some health insurance companies consider such treatment “elective.” This app hopes to make baby planning a little cheaper for those who hope to conceive.

Glow collects personalized data from its user, and then shows her a calendar that lets her know when she’ll be menstruating, ovulating, or in between in her cycle. It also gives helpful tips like “Buy ovulation test kit” and “Stay out of the hot tub! Heat kills sperm.”

Glow app
Glow App Screenshot
Glow app
Glow App Screenshot

In addition, the app offers users the opportunity to participate in “Glow First,” a program that allows couples to throw $50 a month into a sort of “fertility pool.” Any woman who doesn’t conceive within ten months “will receive a grant from the fund to go directly towards fertility treatments.”

“Giving people a better sense of decision-making, promoting activist health care, is the only way to change the system,” said Levchin. “This is a transitional first step to building a new kind of way to finance things.”

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