Godzillacorn must be stopped.

Well, not exactly stopped. Just moved… preferably off of the street where Robyn McCracken lives and into a more private area. The 20-foot-tall unicorn was a gift from McCracken’s friend, Frank James Mabry. Now, Vancouver officials say that Godzillacorn violates city code.

According to The Columbian, McCracken broke her neck 25 years ago and has trouble walking. She was feeling down and Mabry knew that she loves unicorns.

"She loves unicorns, and I love her," Mabry said.

Mabry was part of a committee that built a Trojan horse for a performance at the Portland Art Museum. He thought it would be a great boost for McCracken's spirits if he placed the horse outside her home with a horn attached, making it resemble a unicorn. When he arrived and showed McCracken the unicorn, which she affectionately named Godzillacorn, she said it immediately brought her joy. "It cheered me up immediately," McCracken said. "All of the neighbors I do know just loved it."

But at least one neighbor complained to the city. In response, the city notified McCracken that Godzillacorn has to be moved because only automobiles are allowed to park on the side of the street. Now, Mabry has agreed to dismantle and reassemble the giant unicorn on public property so that it can continue to put a smile on McCracken’s face.

"That's what I needed to see," Mabry said. "Robyn was having a tough time recently, and I love her so much, I just wanted to see that smile back on her face."

For video coverage of Godzillacorn's rise and demise, visit Fox12 Oregon.