As summer fades away and the months of fall bring in colder weather, many dieters and gym rats are abandoning their healthy eating plan and strict gym regimen now that their bodies are not on display at the beach. In a move that may not sit well with a portion of the female community, Subway restaurants have released a new advertisement that reminds women they still need to keep their bodies in check if they want to fit into their seductive Halloween costume.

While two of her coworkers enjoy a hamburger, the woman eating a Subway sandwich in this commercial explains that the end of summer is no time to slack on your diet with Halloween approaching. After all, how good will love handles look when you’re dressed up as an “attractive nurse” or “a foxy fullback.” Subway’s ad isn’t the first to upset forward thinking women this week.

A shirt sold in the young women section of Walmart that reads “Training To Be Batman’s Wife” has been met with a great deal of criticism. Clearly a lot of older women don’t think a teenage girl’s sole aspiration in life should be to grow up and become a fictional superhero’s wife. My guess is that these same women do not want their fellow female’s to worry about their body image just so they can fit into a skimpy Halloween costume.