The dreaded double chin causes many to shy away from photo ops. Science, however, has provided a solution for those willing to shell out the money for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable that eliminates fat cells under your chin. The treatment includes deoxycholic acid, a molecule already found in the body, that helps break down fats, according to the maker’s website.

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Writer Lindsey Hunter Lopez documents her own experience receiving the treatment in a recent article in the Atlantic. “As I hit my 30s, I began to feel a bit bothered by my so-called double chin,” she writes. “While not especially noticeable, this little pocket of submental fat has been a part of my profile for as long as I can remember; it’s genetic.”

So Lopez takes the plunge and receives the treatment courtesy of a spa in Beverly Hills. The writer explains that reading about how four percent of patients endured nerve damage following the treatment made her nervous, but spa staff assure her that even if it happens, the effects are only temporary.

The procedure began with a series of 3-D photos, which serve as the before images. Then numbing cream is applied, along with ink that is used to mark the injection areas. Medication is deliveed via a needle, which Lopez says is completely bearable. Ice is provided as a numbing agent. While the writer received 30 injections, the shots only took about five minutes.

As everyone’s double chin is different, the number of treatments required varies, however most people don’t need more than six.

Lopez reports that Kybella works best on those who have fat under the chin due to genetics and not weight gain. Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson, dermatologist and director of the Body Sculpting Center at the Connecticut Dermatology Group, explained to her, “It is important to make sure that the fullness under the chin is from fat under the skin and not caused by other conditions, such as laxity of the skin." The dermatologist goes on to explain, “Submental fat can be seen in a wide range of ages, as factors such as genetics, hormone status, and weight can influence the amount of fat under the skin.”

While there is minimal downtime, minus some swelling, the cost of a skinny chin doesn’t come cheap. According to Glamour, Kybella usually entails at least three treatments, about a month apart, totaling $5,400.

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Still, this seems to be a better solution than liposuction, which was the only treatment option before this. For those who don’t have the budget, or tolerance for needles, you can always just attempt to hide that double chin in photos (instructions can be found at LittleThings) or try out at-home exercises claiming to improve its appearance.

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