While most people consider cherries to be a delicious fruit to include in their dessert, ice-cream and so on and so forth, the fact is it doesn’t just end there. There are definite health benefits when it comes to eating cherries, and here is a list of them:

Benefit #1: Arthritis

People suffering from arthritis are most likely to benefit from this fruit as the Arthritis Foundation recommend drinking tart cherry juice mixed with water at least three times a day, which can be attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefit #2: Improves Heart Health

In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, diets which encourage people to consume a substantial amount of cherries contribute to lowering the risk of heart disease apart from cholesterol, body fat and inflammation.

Benefit #3: Boosts memory

Anthocyanin, the antioxidant that gives the cherry its red color, has been found to be excellent for the brain by improving one’s memory power apart from a slew of other benefits as well.

Benefit #4: Aids in sleep

Cherries contain a nutrient known as melatonin that manages the body’s sleep cycles, and this in turn, helps one to sleep better.

Benefit #5: Protection from Cancer

Apart from the aforementioned antioxidant anthocyanin, cyanidin (another antioxidant) is present in cherries. Most scientists and researchers consider this nutrient to possess the ability to combat cancer. Apart from this, cyaniding also possesses the ability to neutralize free radicals that can cause to your body’s cells if not kept in check.

Benefit #6: Anti-inflammatory properties

Most researchers and physicians in the scientific community consider the cherry to be one of the best fighters against inflammations. This is because of the presence of anthocyanin which prevents free radical damage to the body as well as stops cyclooxygenase enzymes better than most anti-inflammatory drugs that are available.