While the dangers of excess alcohol consumption being common knowledge these days, recent research has suggested that there are health benefits with drinking red wine in moderation. Yes, the limits are one glass of wine for women, and two for men. And this will come as good news for wine-lovers around the world as long as you draw the line when it comes to drinking wine in moderation.

Health Benefit #1: Reduces the risk of Heart Disease

In recent studies, it was found that Reservatrol (commonly found in grape seeds and skins) is said to increase HDL cholesterol levels while also preventing blood from clotting. In fact, it has been confirmed that those who drink red wine at the aforementioned levels can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30 to 40 percent.

Health Benefit #2: Prevents Alzheimer’s disease

In a study conducted on mice with Alzheimer’s disease, results have shown that red win slows down the memory deterioration that happens with these patients who have this disease. In addition, Reservatrol is known to destroy the plaques that are generated with Alzheimer’s while also having neuro-protective properties as well.

Health Benefit #3: Improves dental health

Not only does non-alcoholic red wine prevent bacteria from attacking their tooth enamel but the anti-inflammatory properties of polyphenols (found in grapes) also prevent one from getting gingivitis, which occurs due to inflammation of the gums.

Health Benefit #4: Helps one to cope with stress and anxiety

Red wine acts as a tranquilizer (again when taken in moderate quantities) and is known to be equally effective with people who suffer from nervous disorders including those who struggle with anxiety and stress. It also helps one sleep well, if taken in moderate amounts.

Health Benefit #5: Prevents cancer

Reservatrol acts as an antioxidant which works against the growth of cancer cells, minimizes the DNA mutations that occur in the case of cancer and destroys cancer cells as well, benefiting those with ovarian and prostrate cancer.