If there’s anything that’s true about swimming, it is the fact that it is one of the most taxing and rigorous exercises that can be performed to stay fit. The beauty of this form of exercise is that it is cardiovascular in nature, and works on all the muscle groups in your body.

What this does is increase one’s heart condition, flexibility, posture, muscle strength and endurance levels all at the same time. Most of all, while it also helps in weight loss and your breathing patterns, one also finds that this will be beneficial for your respiratory tracts as well as helps you burn off a load of calories.

Apart from these, here is a list of other benefits that one can look towards if one swims regularly:

Benefit #1: Thanks to buoyancy of water, you do not injure your bones and joints as much, and this makes it one of the safest exercises to use to work out regularly.

Benefit #2: The biggest benefit that comes with swimming is that the entire body gets conditioned simultaneously as the action required to action uses all muscle groups at the same time.

Benefit #3: Not only does swimming have a positive effect on the body (much like exercise does) but it also tends to calm the mind in most cases.

Benefit #4: Another big advantage of swimming is the fact that almost anyone can swim regardless of how old they are (both children and senior citizens) and yes, even pregnant women as well.

Benefit #5: Depending on your individual weight, one can burn almost 3 calories per pound per mile which means that if a person weighing 200 pounds swam a quick mile, then they will lose 600 calories as a result.

Benefit #6: While your appetite will increase substantially (thanks to swimming), your metabolism rate increases just as proportionately, and this means that you will not gain weight like before.