Foods that are healthy can help save your life. Now, here is a list of healthy foods that can save your memory. It is best that every person knows what he eats as what he takes in can make or break himself, in terms of health.

Oil-based salad dressings: Oil-based foods are good for the brain and on every person’s memory. These salad dressings contain vitamin E and help protect neurons and nerve cells.

Fish: Oily fishes like tuna, mackerel, herring, lake trout, and salmon are best among the best fishes that contain omega3 and omega6 and are very helpful in retaining or regaining back the kind of memory that a person once has. They are some of the healthy foods that can save your memory and you have to think about this all the time. Eating fishes that contain these good oils can help you save the trouble of forgetfulness; this retardation can lead to mental degeneration or dementia and to the worst scenario, Alzheimer’s disease.

Green leafy Veggies: Vegetables rich in fiber like broccoli, kale, spinach and other dark and green leafy kinds are very suitable for people who want to avoid mental blocks. These foods contain high units of vitamin E.

Avocado: Another food that is considered having diverse effects in preventing this brain deficiency is avocado, which is also rich in vitamins E and C, and has high content of antioxidants. It is really good to know these healthy foods that can save your memory are always at hand so as to help you in your fight against diseases.

Sunflower seeds: Vitamin C-powered seeds like these can be sprinkled as toppings for salads to make it more palatable and likewise give you enough energy.

Peanuts and its products: Oil-based peanuts and other foods derived from it are also good for the brain. They also contain vitamin E that is essential in guarding the brain and its functions.

Red Wine: Do not over consume this one as it is said to have to be taken in moderate amounts in order for it to help the body. Over-drinking can cause illness and like anything else, over-indulging leads to blunders. This is considered as one of the healthy foods that can save your memory; alcohol can otherwise lose it.

Berries: The more colored the fruit, the better chances it has to guard the body against sickness. They contain more flavonoids that are needed by the body.

Whole grains: It is better to consume colored bread, rice and grains in order for you to get the best out of fiber and good carbohydrates. These foods can lower the body’s risk of having cognitive impairment that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercise: The best, of course, is exercise; having the right routine to maintain the required body mass index and eating the right kinds of food will be the perfect and ideal method of living a full, healthy life. Knowing the healthy foods that can save your memory is living the life that you have longed and desired.