Dad is in for an extra treat this year. According to IBIS World, Americans will spend $13.2 billion on Father's Day gifts, a two percent increase over last year. (If you're curious, the average American will spend approximately $120 for Father's Day while the average American spent 40 percent more — $169 on Mother's Day reports Forbes.) The boost in spending on dad reflects the gradual economic recovery, accompanied by a shift from practical gifts to more innovative and activity-based gifts. The market research company estimated that nearly 20 percent of the presents for dad will be spent on outdoor outings like sporting events, dinners, or leisure activities.

Finding a gift for dad can be downright confusing, especially for women who find themselves relying on the same present ideas year after year. Approximately 44 percent of Father's Day celebrants plan to give dad clothing, reports The National Retail Federation (NRF) Survey. While apparel can help dad look and feel good, it's time to break away from the norm.

In the U.S., the life expectancy of a female is 81 while the life expectancy of a male is 76, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). With a five year gap between longevities of the two genders, it is time to focus on dad and give him the gift of good health. Whether dad is an outdoorsman or a handy man in the house, reward him with the perfect healthy gift in this year's Father's Day shopping guide.

1. Chef Dad-ardee: Dad's Own Cookbook

This cookbook is a guide for dads who want to learn how to cook but are afraid of frying, roasting, or tossing a salad. The cooking basics are taught step-by-step and can even show dad to how to prepare a three-course meal with 150 great hearty recipes to choose from.

Health Benefit:

When you cook your own food you are in control of what ingredients go into your meals. Food producers and restaurants often use high levels of salt and saturated fat to make their products tastier for consumers. If you opt to prepare your own meals at home, you can reduce the amount of salt and oils used in your meals. The Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) says to limit the amount of sodium you add to your food to prevent high blood pressure.

Price: $13.95 at Barnes & Noble.

2. Clean-Cut Dad: The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave TM —Unscented

This set of shaving essentials uses a mix of botanical ingredients and 100 percent pure essential oils, catering to men with all types of skin who have thin to coarse facial hair. This quartet shaving set will leave dad feeling soft, smooth and clean for all occasions — including those important business meetings and special dinners.

Health Benefit:

If dad uses a shaving gel, cream, or foam, rubbing the skin and removing away the hair with a razor helps remove dirt accumulated on the outermost layer of the skin daily. Men's Health advises men to scrub twice a week to gently remove excess oil, dirt, blackheads, and dead skin to prevent ingrown hairs. For those who shave regularly, a facial scrub is recommended only if you feel your skin is prone to buildup.

Price: $115 at Sephora.

3. Handy Man Dad: Craftsman 56-piece Universal Mechanic's Tool Set

This 56-piece mechanic's tool set will give dad the grip he deserves this Father's Day. The Craftsman tool set will keep dad busy inside and outside the house with each flat wrench ideal for tough torquing so he can put more muscle into his labor. Dad will not have to worry about knuckling skinning turns as the 15 degree offset face protects his hands and helps make the task a little bit easier to get done.

Health Benefit:

This form of physical labor will help dad get his recommended amount of daily exercise — 30 minutes per session or up to 60 minutes of exercise per day, according to the Cleveland Clinic. The benefits of exercising include a 50 percent reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease for individuals who are regularly active and do not have documented heart disease, or a 25 percent reduction in patients with heart disease who do moderate exercise. Whether dad is doing heavy lifting, working on the car, or hammering in a nail, these labors keep him healthy, active and can promote increased longevity.

Price: $49.99 at Sears.

4. Health Nut Dad: Tinke

This device tracks and measures dad's breathing rate, heart rate, blood oxygen, and stress levels. Once Tinke has measured all of the components, it will determine whether or not he is ready to exercise and whether the activities are helping dad keep fit. This compact device can be plugged into his iOS device and store all of your data in the Tinke app to track progress over a period of time.

Health Benefit:

It is important for dad to monitor his heart rate because it serves as an indicator to his health. Measuring heart rate helps determine the appropriate level of exercise in order to get the most health benefits out of physical activity, says the American Heart Association (AHA).

Price: $119 at Zensorium.

5. On-The-Run Dad: Keurig K10 MINI Plus Brewing System

The MINI Plus Brewing System can brew a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or even an iced beverage in just under two minutes. This brewer contains three cup sizes — six ounce, eight ounce and 10 ounce — to accommodate dad's coffee fixes. If dad often forgets to turn off appliances off this brewer is perfect for him because of its energy saving mode feature that automatically shuts off the brewer after 90 seconds. The compact coffee maker is ideal for dad's vacation home or home office.

Health Benefit:

Dad's morning cup of Joe can provide him with numerous health benefits. The caffeinated beverage can protect against Parkinson's disease, type 2 diabetes and liver cancer, says Mayo Clinic. An added benefit of this steaming cup of java is that it is noted as the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet, according to Men's Health.

Price: $99.99 at Keurig.

6. Outdoor Dad: A Weekend Camping Trip

If your dad is an outdoorsman and you're looking for a chance to bond, a weekend camping trip is the perfect gift. This trip will give you and your pops the opportunity to reconnect and strengthen communication. Camping in the outdoors can call for activities like fishing, roasting marshmellows, and telling stories around the campfire. Be sure to pack accordingly and check the forecast for good camping weather.

Health Benefit:

Chances are you'll surround yourselves in an area rife with fresh air and opportunities to commune with nature. Spending time in the outdoors can improve your blood pressure, digestion, and give your immune system an extra boost as you breathe in an abundant supply of oxygen and low levels of pollutants. Eureka! Blog says regular campers come back happier after their trip and due in part by because the sunlight can even out the levels of melatonin in the brain.

Price: N/A

7. Sports Dad: A Sporting Event

If your dad is a sports guy, the perfect gift for him can be tickets to see his favorite sports team. With the NBA Finals, NHL Finals, MLB, and MLS in high gear — tickets to any of these events can make your old man happy. A sporting event will make dad active physically, politically, and socially as he cheers on his favorite team and jeers at the opponent, all while chowing down some hot dogs and a nice cold beer. This Father's Day take dad out to game and enjoy some good laughs and old fashioned entertainment.

Health Benefit:

If your dad is a longtime fan of a local team, he is more likely to have higher self-esteem, feel less lonely, and be less aggressive than non-sports fans, says Daniel L. Wann, a psychology professor at Murray State University in Kentucky and author of Sports Fans: The Psychology and Social Impact of Spectators to CNN. Make sure you and dad put on the team colors and cheer on!

Price: N/A