Men and women rarely see eye-to-eye, and according to a new survey this also includes about the size of a man’s penis. The online dating site Saucy Dates recently created an infographic to show where men and women place the average penis size, and results show stark contradictions and numerous instances of exaggerations. Although few men are completely honest about the size of their penis, results revealed that Australian and American men are most likely to add a few inches. Here's the guide, country by country, showing which men are most likely to lie about their length.

The poll was based on information from 1715 individuals. The 953 males in the study were asked the size of their own penis while the 726 women surveyed were asked the size of the penis of the last man they had sex with. Results showed both men and women tended to exaggerate the size of the penises in their lives, with only one instance of under-exaggeration.

Penis size exaggeration may be worst in Australia, where women claim the average penis size is 5.85 inches while the male population put the national average closer to 7.09 inches, Saucy Dates reported. This makes a 17 percent discrepancy between male and female version of the national penis length, although the jury is still out on who's fibbing and who’s telling the truth.

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America didn't fare that much better in credibility about genitalia. American men put the national penis size at 7.24 inches, but American women put it closer to 6.64 inches. Interestingly enough, British women also estimated the average penis size for their country men to measure in at 6.64 inches, and British males’ estimation of their own package was refreshingly close to this: 6.89 inches.

Canada had the least discrepancy between how large men said their penises were, and the estimations of the women they slept with, suggesting this country really may be as honest as the stereotype touts.

In a surprising contrast, the survey found that Indian men tended to underestimate the length of their penises. Male responses put the national penis average at 6.07 inches. Indian wives and girlfriends, however, gave their men a bit more credit and relayed that the national was actually closer to 6.30.

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It should be noted that these answers are simply what men and women said their own and their partner's penis size was and is not based on actual measurements taken. In reality, most men and women overestimate the male packages. For example a 2013 study found the average American penis is 5.6 inches when erect. This far less than the 7.24 inches American men claim and also less than the 6.64 inches that the women who sleep with them estimate. In fact, only 15 percent of American men measure up at over 7 inches.

While men may be obsessed with the idea that “bigger is better,” research suggest that this isn’t completely accurate. In fact, one study found that although, when given the choice, women tended to go for a bigger penis in terms of a “one-night-stand,” when it came to a long-term partner they preferred something a bit smaller.

Another study conducted in Kenya actually linked bigger penis size to higher rates of infidelity in women. According to the researchers, this was because women associated large penises with pain and discomfort during sex. This pain would take their personal joy out of the experience, and as a result they would seek out more enjoyable sex in a partner with a smaller penis.

The moral of the story is, size doesn’t really matter. And maybe truthfulness doesn't, either.

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