When it comes to keeping an optimistic mentality, model and burgeoning fitness guru Brandy Gordon knows better than anyone how vital a rosy outlook on life is to stay crushing life and meeting goals. Recently ditching dreary New York City in favor of sunny Los Angeles, the Instagram stunner’s fresh start in the Golden State inspired Gordon to start sharing her expert workout advice and positive affirmations with her massive legion of followers, with huge success.

After years working in the modeling industry, Gordon obtained unparalleled insider knowledge on what kind of fitness regimens are needed to keep a toned and runway-ready physique. Though hitting the gym was born out of necessity for work, the beauty soon found a deep passion for her regular workouts, and is now ready to share her know-how with the world.

As a proven social media aficionado, 23-year-old Gordon spreads out her “Brandy Theory” fitness plans across a number of online platforms, including Instagram, Youtube, and her own personal blog, giving a variety of options to make the workouts super accessible to anyone who wants to participate. And with more than 415,000 followers on her main account, the model’s significant reach and impact on wellbeing is undeniable.

“I want to make wellness way more attainable, and easier for people to accomplish,” said Gordon on her inspiration behind the pivot towards fitness content.

But she doesn’t stop there; committed to keeping her followers incentivized on their fitness journey, Gordon always sprinkles in motivating quotes among her workout content to boost morale and is readily encouraging to anyone who needs help along the way.

Between being a front row cheerleader for all those following the Brandy Theory regimen and making workouts easily obtainable for everyone -- she even offers printable routines on her blog! -- Gordon has without a doubt changed many lives for the better.