When it comes to diet and nutrition basics these days, the one thing that is constantly reiterated is the need for a protein-rich diet along with cardiovascular exercise if one is to burn fat and build more muscle. However, not much is known about the downside of not consuming adequate protein for reason spanning poverty to fad and strict vegetarian diets.

And so, here is a list of ill-effects stemming from the lack of a protein-rich diet that might help you understand how vital it is to include it in almost every meal that you eat:

#1: Mental Health

The lack of protein in your diet can result in mood swings, crankiness, depression and moodiness, and children who essentially do not have a protein-rich diet generally can succumb to mental retardation.

#2: Wasting of muscle tissues

Since the body needs to protein to maintain, construct and repair cells, this happens on an ongoing basis, and if one does not maintain a protein-rich diet, this results in the body absorbing the protein from your muscles which in turn, leads to the wasting of your muscles along with weakness.

#3: Weak immune system

The lack of protein in your diet can lead to a weak immune system. The reason for this is because the nutrient protein is absolutely vital for the production of antibodies especially when the body needs to be protected against germs. Due to the lack of protein, this will lead to the inability of the immune system to produce these antibodies, and thus, can lead to diseases as well.

#4: Organ failure

Almost every cell and tissue thrives on protein, as it is considered the “building blocks” of your body. With a lack of a protein-rich diet, the cells will not have enough protein in order to carry out the aforementioned functions such as the building of new cells, repairing and maintenance of old cells. Without this, this could hamper the proper functioning of your organs leading to organ failure.