Those worried about droopy eyelids do not have to go under the knife anymore. An invisible adhesive strip “Eye Secrets” released in UK market claims to give an 'instant eyelift’ and make you look younger by many years.

The product, already a must have for many fashion models and celebrities such as Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston costs a little more than $ 47 for a month’s supply. It is specially designed to hide visible signs of ageing by neutralizing the excess skin over the eyelids and giving the eye a natural full look.

A spokesman of the company said that the strips gently push the eyelid and hood of excess skin above the eye to the back of the eye socket, thus giving the eye a full shape. The effect of the adhesives remains for 12 hours.

Glasgow based private cosmetic clinic owner Dr. Katherine Long feels that this product will surely be a confidence booster. He added his clients have reported a reversing ageing effect by five to seven years.

The strips are good for those with deep-set eyes, excess upper eye lid skin or suffer from signs of fatigue. The strips already on sale online will be stocked by Harrods and Selfridges next month.