Over three billion fitness trackers were sold in 2013, reported Business Insider, and after the staggering 67 percent of sales Fitbit saw, Jawbone saw the second most with 18 percent. It’s a stat that may change now that a new version of Jawbone’s UP is free for everyone to use.

Jawbone’s website describes UP as a “revolutionary system that guides you every step of the way to a better, healthier you.” The app tracks your diet, activity, and sleep, and it offers additional features, like a healthy food store and insights to the menus of popular restaurants.

Now, the new version of UP (available later this month) allows anyone with a compatible wearable or watch — that’s iOS, Android, Pebble and Apple once it’s released — to join the community. Basically if you regularly use a wearable and health app to track data, you can join UP.

"We're committed to creating the most beautiful and wearable activity-tracking devices on the market, but we believe that everyone — whether they track activity with an UP band, on their phone or with another wearable device — should be able to benefit from the UP experience," Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone, said in a press release.

Some more benefits to UP: The app connects you to tons of apps and services you’re probably already using, such as RunKeeper, or ones you should be using like Whistle, which allows you to track the steps you take when walking your dog.