Imagine being told that your sweet and spunky 5-year-old daughter is in danger of suffering a stroke or cardiac arrest from high potassium levels? Well, those are the horrifying words that the mother of Queens’s native, Kinsey Saleh, was told almost four months ago.

Nadine Morsi, 38, Saleh's mother, said their lives were turned upside down this past January when they received the diagnosis, the NY Daily News reported.

Before the diagnosis, Morsi described her daughter as a, “perfectly healthy, active girl, who loved going to the park and playing with her friends from Public School 188 in Hollis Hills.” Now with end-stage kidney failure, Kinsey spends three afternoons a week hooked up to a dialysis machine in order to stay alive. The family is hoping for a transplant, and they are using social media to find a potential donor.

Sadly, Kinsey’s parents were not eligible to give her a kidney. Her mom was a perfect match, but unfortunately was not able to donate because of a congenital clotting disorder. Her father has a history of kidney stones.

“Hurry up, please, and give me a kidney,” Kinsey said she'd like to tell New Yorkers, the Daily News reported she told them when visiting the little girl in her family’s Queens apartment.

Three ways you can help Kinsey:

- For more information about becoming a kidney donor, call (212) 659-8024 or visit website:

- Visit “Kidney for Kinsey” Facebook page at:

- To donate money for her medical care: