What a long and strange year this past week has been. In an effort to keep as many people informed and entertained about the global pandemic that is spreading from country to country, Last Week Tonight's John Oliver summed up many of the past week's headlines about COVID-19. As one might guess, the HBO host also added his signature brand of humor as well. The full coronavirus segment, the third such segment produced by Last Week Tonight, can be watched below.

A large portion of the video is dedicated to a recent talking point regarding a focus on improving the country's economy. As many pundits and politicians have pointed out, one argument for handling this pandemic is to basically ignore it in an effort to keep businesses running. People such as radio host Glenn Beck and Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick suggest that Americans get back to work, and those that die due to the coronavirus are simply doing their part to step aside for the economy.

Oliver took offense to this idea, and mentioned that relaxing social distancing efforts will only result in hospitals becoming overrun with patients, and those that are suffering from something other than COVID-19 could also die due to a lack of medical resources. Oliver mentioned that the situation isn't trading one bad outcome (loss of life) for another bad outcome (weakened economy). It's trading one bad outcome for both bad outcomes. "It's shitting on your cake, and choking on it too," Oliver joked.

Other highlights of the video include New York Governor Andrew Cuomo talking about his struggles trying to procure medical supplies by outbidding other states, and heartbreaking videos from medical professionals detailing working conditions in hospitals right now.

While the video may be lacking in Oliver's usual dry wit, it does a solid job of highlighting major stories taking place right now in America and around the globe. If you're looking for an easily digestible way to get caught back up, this isn't a bad way to do it.