When you think of injury law, you might think of those dated TV commercials that injury lawyers are known for, promoting their services and informing you of the fact that you might be eligible to win money in an injury case. For the most part, though injury law might feel irrelevant, one emerging injury lawyer is demystifying the stigmas behind injury law with cases and opportunities that make sense and feel relevant to real life. David Yerushalmi of the Los Angeles based Yerushalmi Law Firm is quickly gaining attention for having one of the fastest growing law firms in the country with millions won for his clients, despite having only been established for just over 18 months.

The young lawyer sees about 90% of his cases falling under policy limit cases, resolving the majority within one year and in some cases, 45 days. After earning his education at one of the top law schools in New York City, he was later chosen as one of the only two students in the country for an opportunity to intern at the prestigious Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College where he studied and practiced trial skills. With this invaluable experience, Yerushalmi is known for his unapologetic will to win, fighting for his clients at any cost. In fact, his relentless tactics have even earned him the nickname of “insurance companies’ worst nightmare.”

“We have proven that we are one of the most, if not the most, successful law firm in the country when it comes to resolving cases for policy limits, which is the maximum amount possible.,” Yerushalmi says. “For example, if someone has a $100K bodily injury insurance policy and they hit our client, more than nine out of ten times we can recover the full $100K. We have been consistent in policy limit after policy limit and that is because we strive on building a bond with our client’s that allows us to really convey their human story instead of just their injuries. We recently did something that most people have never even heard of, which is opening the policy and receiving 2.5x the policy limits in one case.”

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