Can’t decide between taking an aerobics, pilates, or spinning class at the gym? Consider which workout will burn the most calories in the same amount of time.

If you can physically handle a high-intensity class, try spinning. According to Fix blog, a 30-minute class should burn about 270 calories — which is more than double the amount you’ll burn doing a half hour yoga class.

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Want to burn even more calories than you would at spin? Turn to Zumba, which boasts a whopping 339 calorie burn over 30 minutes. Meanwhile, group barbell workouts during a body pump class will shed about 209 calories in the same amount of time. Exercise classes can also be catered to your personal interest, fitness level, or weight loss goals.

Want to know more about how many calories you’ll burn in a 30-minute workout class? Check out the graphic below from Fix. But remember, how much you get out of the class depends on what you put into it.

Feel The Burn - Picking the Best Fitness Class For You

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