Four people from Mayfair in Philadelphia have been arrested after they forcibly held down a man and tattooed racial slurs across his body.

The victim, 52, called police on Tuesday, claiming that he had been held against his will at his home on Brighton Street, and was bruised and tattooed. The police report states that he had been tattooed with “inappropriate racial and sexual terms and images.”

Police found the four alleged criminals asleep in the basement of his home. Police believe it may have been the cause of a “drug-fuelled” argument that lasted several days.

The four people involved in the case have been identified as Corry Campbell, 20, Jennifer Pratt, 29, Sandra Ng, 19, and David Thomas, 27, all of whom lived on that same block or in the neighborhood. They face charges of simple assault, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering a person, possessing an instrument of crime, kidnapping, theft, robbery and conspiracy, and potentially hate crimes as well.

When police searched the home where the incident took place, they discovered several prescription drugs containing Xanax and Oxycodone, marijuana, tattoo ink bottles, tattoo needles, and a station.

According to a police statement, the victim "displayed severely bruised and swollen hands, bruised eyes along with bruising to his legs, ribs and torso. The complainant informed police that he called 911 and left the location when the offenders fell asleep."

The report brings up memories of others who have been forcibly tattooed for revenge, such as the girl who got a tattoo of a poo pile on her back after cheating on her boyfriend, or the tattoo artist Andy Sakai who tattooed inappropriate Chinese words on any white person who asked for a Chinese symbol like "peace" or "love" out of pure frustration.