Mannan Mondal battles an unusual condition that makes it look like his face is melting — literally. He is famous across India because of his rare skin condition, neurofibromatosis, which is a genetic disorder that disturbs cell growth in your nervous system, causing tumors to form on nerve tissue. Mondal was born without an ear, an eye socket, and most of this teeth.

“Many people do not treat me very well. They are disgusted by me and don’t like me,” Mondal said, according to Barcroft TV. He has been shunned most of his life, but is still turning down medical help so that he can continue to beg on the street, the video reports. Because of his condition, school was not an option for Mondal, and since he was not educated and does not have a job, he makes about $8.50 per day by panhandling on the streets and near religious institutions.

Dr. Ajay Kashyap, the director of plastic surgery at the Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, India, has even offered to remove the tumors for Mondal for free. Even though there is no cure for this genetic disease, reconstructive surgeons and modern medicine can enhance the lives of those suffering from this condition.

Mondal has a wife and four children, and he says that despite barely being able to feed his family, he is trying to save up money for his daughter’s wedding. “My eldest daughter’s marriage has been fixed recently. I’ll have to buy a lot of things for her,” he said.

Despite his disturbing appearance, neurofibromatosis is not cancerous or contagious. The effects can range from hearing loss, cardiovascular complications, and loss of vision.