The 21-year-old allegedly mentally ill man that opened fire on the White House on Friday believed that he was Jesus and thought that President Barrack Obama was the Antichrist, according to court documents and those who knew him.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez was charged on Thursday with the attempt to assassinate President Obama or his staff.

Ortega is accused of firing nine rounds at the White House with an AK-47 rifle, smashing a window that stopped the bullet in its tracks because of its second layer of bullet proof glass.

Ortega was arrested Wednesday afternoon at a hotel near Indiana, Pa when a hotel desk clerk recognized him and notified police.

Ortega’s alleged condition was addressed by a U.S. Park Police crime bulletin issued before his arrest stating that he is known to have a mental health condition and that "Ortega should be considered unstable with violent tendencies."

As reported by the Associated Press, Ortega’s mother said that he has no history of mental illness but an acquaintance said that he has suggested that the president was planning to implant computer tracking chips into children.

Monte McCall, a computer consultant that met with Ortega on July 8 to help him edit a 30 minute infomercial, has told the Associated Press that Ortega pulled out worn sheets of yellow paper with notes in Ortega’s families Mexican restaurant and started to talk about his predictions of the world ending in 2012.

"He said, 'Well, you know the president is getting ready to make an announcement that they're going to put GPS chips in all the children, so they're safe,'" McCall told the AP.

"... And then he said, 'That's just what the Antichrist is going to do to mark everybody.'"

As reported in the Post Register in Idaho Falls, the mother of Ortega, Maria Ortega said that he is not crazy and that he is just confused and scared.

"He has different ideas than other people, just like everyone, but he was perfectly fine the last time I saw him," she told the Post Register.

"He might be saying weird stuff that sounds crazy, but that doesn't mean (he) is crazy. He might be confused and scared."

But Kimberly Allen, mother of Ortega’s x-fiancé and grandmother of his two year old son feels that Ortega needs to seek help.

Allen said that he was kind and well-mannered in the four years that she knew him, according to the AP.

But his recent statements to her daughter, such as the belief that he was Jesus, were out of character.

"I believe that the boy needs help," said Allen, according to the AP.

The AP reported that the mother of his 2-year-old son and ex-fiancé declined comment, except to say that she loved him and that she was here for him.

Authorities recovered an assault rifle with a scope and nine spent shell casings inside Ortega’s car, according to court documents. The car was found abandoned near the White House shortly after the shooting, the AP reported.

The court document says that someone who knows Ortega told investigators that he was increasingly agitated with the government and believed that it was conspiring against him, while others told investigators that Ortega allegedly said that he was Jesus and that he needed to kill the president who was the Antichrist and the devil.