In honor of National Cheeseburger Day this Wednesday, food fanatic Nick Chipman walked into a Wisconsin McDonald’s and ordered the McEverything — every sandwich on the menu, totaling $140.33. Plus the Diet Coke, his meal came to $141.33.

Chipman, a food blogger for, said this colossal burger creation has been on his mind for a couple years. After buying all 43 sandwiches on the fast food chain’s menu, Chipman used “lost and lots of bamboo skewers” to hold the behemoth in place.

“You see, I have a bucket list, but instead of things like sky diving, swimming with sharks, or other death defying feats of adventure that you’d find on most typical bucket lists mine is completely food related,” Chipman explained. “The number one thing on my list for two or three years now has been to make this sandwich, which I’ve dubbed the McEverything.”

The fast food connoisseur is also responsible for the Inside-Out Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Chick and Waffle Wings, The Bacon Weave Choco Taco, and Sweet & Sour Chicken in a Wonton Cone. He said the abundance of left overs from the McEverything will be his breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next week.

“Aside from keeping the McEverything from toppling over as I was assembling it I’d say that the hardest part of building it was not eating any of the sandwiches until it was complete. I’m a total sucker for McDonald’s sandwiches, especially their McGriddles,” Chipman added.

Just last month, Washington man Beau Chevassus created his own 9,000 calories monster he aptly named the “Kraken Burger.” Chevassus stuffed two types of chicken, ham, turkey, bacon, sausage, onion rings, two fried eggs, grilled onions, and five types of cheese in between 20 burger patties.