The website has graced the TV airwaves with what might be the first commercial promoting weed — medical marijuana, that is. The commercial, which will be aired by Comcast’s late-night TV throughout New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Chicago, is a comically stupid take on the drug-free spots that aired during the 1980s and 1990s.

Meet sushi guy. He’s suspicious and jumpy, but “Yo, you want sushi, I got sushi. I got the best sushi” he says. Sushi, aka weed, just can’t be as good when bought from the street when compared to a real shop — it’s still pretty hard to find good sushi, even at real restaurants. Nevertheless, the commercial’s intention is to connect patients with real doctors who can refer them to medical marijuana dispensaries.

“We felt the viewing public would agree that in the states providing safe access, continuing to obtain medicine illegally is as absurd as purchasing raw fish from a drug dealer,” the site’s CEO Jason Draizin said in a statement.

Comcast already began airing the commercial on CNN, Comedy Central, The History Channel, and A&E. If you want to check out sushi guy’s sales pitch — though I wouldn’t trust it — watch the commercial below.