Capturing the miracle of life just got a whole lot easier, shorter, and less stomach-wrenching to watch. Ian Padgham, a popular Viner with over 350,000 followers and dozens of videos, released his most endearing Vine yet: his wife Claire Pasquier’s nine-month pregnancy in six seconds. The couple was able to capture what took nine months to accomplish in just a matter of seconds, showing the baby bump growing and growing, with the end result — you guessed it: a baby.

“It was a fun way to capture the progress,” Padgham told BuzzFeed. “We would watch the draft coming together as the pregnancy progressed.” The Vine was done by filming about two frames per month. The short clip captures the mother’s early stages of pregnancy, two frames at a time, until you see the newborn in her arms.

The physical changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy were also seen in the Vine. Notably, Pasquier gained weight, as pregnant women need only about 300 healthy calories more a day than they did before they got pregnant, gaining an average of 25 to 35 pounds. Also, breast changes can be seen as women’s breasts often get extremely tender and begin increasing in size during the early stages of pregnancy, specifically in the first three months.

Not only did Padgham’s Vine capture his wife’s physical changes of pregnancy, he was able to get more creative by adding a melodic tune. The proud dad admits to being very excited when Vine recently allowed uploads to these videos. “I was about to post it but when I saw Vine had updated to allow uploads, I decided to add in a song — really happy I got to do that!” Padgham said.