Scott Waring, the man gifted with unique powers of pareidolia, is at it again.

A scant week after declaring a 10 km tall tower constructed by aliens nestles snugly on the scorching and uninhabitable surface of Mercury, the man who founded now claims he’s discovered another pyramid on the Moon.

And that’s not the exciting part. Waring’s perusal of a NASA photo of the lunar surface and this strange object led him to believe this pyramid can fly, for some strange reason.

“The object is partly hidden in the shadows so you need to add light to it to see the rest of the structure,” he wrote in a report on his website. “I believer [sic] this structure can fly from place to place. Its [sic] a spaceship but is landed in this location of the moon.”

Waring, who’s been called a UFO hoaxer, then goes on to conclude, “There are so many ancient cultures on Earth that built huge pyramids like in Bosnia 25,000 years ago, the Egyptians 3,000 years ago, the mayans, Incas and Aztecs 2,000 years ago and so may more. There must be an alien connection between them all.”

Over the past week, Waring claimed to have seen a fungus base on the Moon, the head of an alien on Mars and a UFO flying over Tennessee. And, of course, there’s his really incredible claim aliens have built what appears to be a 10 km tall hotel on Mercury and a giant statue of an alien that seems to be praying.

These are fantastic claims since Mercury, the smallest of the eight planets in our solar system, is also a death planet. Having virtually no atmosphere to retain heat, Mercury has surface temperatures that range from −173 degrees Celsius at night to 427 degrees Celsius during the day across the equatorial regions. You freeze to death at night and fry to death by day.

Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, has minimum distance to the solar body of 28.5 million miles. The maximum distance is 43.5 million miles.

Despite these dreadful statistics, Waring remains adamant tha there are aliens on Mercury’s surface. He claims the aliens can construct buildings reaching as tall as 10 km because gravity is weaker on Mercury. Mercury’s gravity is 38 percent that of Earth’s, so a building will weigh 62 percent less on the planet.

“Most craters on other planets and moons are about 10-30km across,” said Waring. “So I will take the low number 10 km and the tower is 1/3 the diameter of the crater making it 3 km tall. Now that’s a low end estimate.”

A photo of Earth's moon. Photo by Pixabay (CC0)

He said if this unknown crater is 30 km across, this tower stands 10 km tall.

“There is also a huge statue of a person praying in the left side of the photograph,” according to the UFO enthusiast.

“This could mean that the tower we see is of religious significance to the aliens species that created it. The tower could also be a docking point for ship too large to land on the planet’s surface.”