If only babies came from storks that dropped them gently on our doorsteps wrapped in pink and blue ribbons. That’s a comforting thought, but very far from reality. The miracle of childbirth is quite beautiful but sometimes hard to watch, as it can be very bloody, graphic, and stomach-churning. BuzzFeed rounded up a few brave men who had never seen an entire childbirth to sit and watch the process from start to finish.

Before seeing what women all over the world go through every day when giving birth, the men prepared themselves for the worst. In the beginning, everyone was laughing and smiling, and then the groans began. "Ahhhh! Oh no! It just shoots right out of there,” one man says in the video.

Some of the guys were laughing out of nervousness. One of the men was just in shock the whole time. They pulled their hair and seemed overwhelmed. Even though we can’t see the video they're watching, we can feel how tough it is for them to watch the childbirth by their expressions. By the end of the childbirth, the men are calmer and relieved. Overall, the men were glad they watched the miracle of life. “It was like mostly gross but also kind of beautiful,” one man says.

In a separate video, two Dutch men actually simulated what it felt like to go through labor, Jezebel reported. They strapped electrodes to their stomachs so they could feel simulated labor pains. The simulated contractions were so intense that both men scrunched up in balls and grabbed their nurses' hands. For daddies-to-be, you might want to prepare yourself by taking a look at a live childbirth to test how you could potentially respond in the delivery room.