All of us have stress in our everyday lives, whether it's from home, work, or school. We usually don't feel the effects of stress in our body until we reach a breaking point that can jeopardize our health. It's imperative to keep mental or emotional strain under control by learning how to manage stress and relax.

In the video, "How to Relieve Stress in 20 Minutes or Less," Health Magazine reveals the best effective stress busters that can induce tranquility almost anywhere. These stress buffers are designed based on how much time we have to spare, ranging from one minute to 20 minutes. Any one of these methods will help keep our stress levels under control.

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For example, for those who have one minute to spare, Health suggests to simply breathe. First, place one hand an inch above the belly button, and inhale for a count of four. The belly should expand by about an inch. This type of breathing helps allows the diaphragm to move deeper into the abdomen upon inhalation and farther up to squeeze the lungs and support the heart on exhalation.

Chocoholics will rejoice: eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate a day for two weeks can significantly reduce stress hormones, like cortisol. Got two minutes to spare? Be mindful and eat one square, without any distraction. This will help lower stress levels and exert self-control.

Stress levels can be reduced in 10 minutes for those of us who love arts and crafts. Adult coloring books are known to have a relaxing and therapeutic effect. Previous research has found doing something artsy can help relax people who were caring for cancer-stricken relatives, and cancer patients.

Those who have up to 20 minutes to spare should go for a walk outdoors. Taking a stroll can increase norepinephrine levels, a chemical that helps the brain deal with stress. Also, doing light activity outdoors can boost mood and energy.

Click on Health's video to learn more stress-reducing techniques, like adult coloring books, proven to keep you calm, cool, and collected.

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