A South Carolina mother of twins is the latest person to be infected with “flesh-eating” bacteria.

Just days after giving birth to a set of healthy twins, 36-year-old Lana Kuykendall was rushed to the hospital after she discovered a strange lesion on the back of her leg, WXIA-TV Atlanta reported.

Kuykendall, who works as a paramedic, had thought it was a blood clot and promptly rushed to the hospital.

Her friend, Kayla Moon said Kuykendall was in a lot of pain and that the spot on her leg had grew quickly.

"It had started off about the size of her palm, and it grew to cover her whole leg by the time she made it to the [operating room]," WXIA-TV Atlanta reported.

"(Kuykendall) just kept getting worse in front of your eyes. She would just get worse and worse and worse. Every minute it was like she was going down," said Moon, according to msnbc. "She was never really able to hold (her babies) and enjoy it."

Her friends still don’t know how Kuykendall contracted the bacteria, but say that after her surgery the bacteria had stopped spreading.

"Right now, just very worried, very upset. Still in disbelief that here is my friend, who just had these two beautiful babies, and now she is intubated upstairs, and not able to enjoy the bonding experience, and enjoy the babies," Krissy Davidson said outside of Greenville Memorial Hospital, according to msnbc. "We're just asking people to pray for her, and lift her up at this point."

Doctors diagnosed Kuykendall with necrotizing fasciitis, a rare but severe flesh-eating bacterial infection that can destroy skin, fat and muscle, that often starts in the arms or legs after a minor trauma or surgery, according to the National Necrotizing Fasciitis Foundation.

People have also been reported to contract the bacterial infection after giving a C-section or natural childbirth, abdominal surgery or a scratch, a broken leg or a cut, experts said.

If the infection can quickly spread to the rest of the body, and can cause sepsis, a deadly blood infection, according to the National Institute of Health.

The latest case of flesh-eating bacterial infection comes after a 24-year-old Georgia woman, Aimee Copeland lost her leg to a similar infection after she contracted a bacteria that had infected a cut on her calf during a zip line accident.

Her friends say that she is still in the hospital and that her new babies are doing fine at home.

“They’re both gaining weight like they should and they’re just both really cute kids, missing their mommy,” Davidson told MSNBC.