Not remembering how much you had to drink last night is usually a clear sign that you probably had too much to drink. This next-day mystery may soon be a thing of the past. As early as next year you will be able to have this information readily available on your phone thanks to the new “smartcup.” Known as Vessyl, it promises to not only record how much you drink, but track what exactly was in your drinks as well.

No More Mysterious Beverages

The smartcup, called Vessyl, is able to tell you exactly what type of liquid you put inside of it, The Huffington Post reported. That’s right, any liquid ranging from classic water to more exotic vodka cocktails, and just about everything in between. This would save you from any embarrassing “I didn’t realize it was non-alcoholic beer” incidents and can also help to settle once and for all who really can throw the most back.

For your convenience, the cup will keep a record of all its contents for the day and send it to your smartphone. This allows you to track your calorie intake, alcohol consumption, or just plain hydration levels. It is able to keep a record of your caffeine and sugar intake as well. The Vessyl is making some pretty big claims that are simply begging to be tested. For example, The Huffington Post reported that the Vessyl technology is so advanced it can tell lemon Snapple from Mango Snapple, Coke from Pepsi, and even any bizarre ingredients you chose to add to your own homemade beverage.

Lets You Know If You're Dehydrated

The cup’s makers hope to market it as a health product that would help its users cut unnecessary liquid calories and keep a healthy hydration level. Obviously our own brains are not doing a good enough job of telling us when we need to drink more and buying a $99, 13-ounce cup to tell you how many calories you’re drinking is a way more effective weight loss tactic than say, drinking water. Unfortunately the cup has yet to hit the market, so we still don’t know what consumers have to say about the product. However, if you are interested in the latest piece of liquid consumption technology, it's probably best to pre-order it now because after it’s shipped out in early 2015, prices are set to jump to about $199.

Because Hydration Is Really Important

The Vessyl does have one thing right: Hydration is important. Your very survival depends on ensuring that your body has a sufficient amount of water. Without water our muscles and organs would begin to shut down. Early signs of dehydration are little or no urine, dry mouth, sleepiness, headache, confusion, and feeling dizzy or lightheaded. No tears when crying is a symptom that is especially obvious in dehydrated infants and children. The recommended daily intake of water for most people is anywhere between six to eight servings of about eight ounces, but even drinking much larger quantities, such as three liters of water a day, has been shown to have positive health benefits.