Though our eyes are the most important sensory organ in the body, we often tend to neglect their well-being and sometimes tend to ignore the daily wear and tear that they go through. The eyes are also the ones that indicate disorders or malfunction in other body parts.

At workplace, the eyes have to bear the brunt of watching the computer display for hours on end. While traveling they have to contend with air pollutants and at home we often switch on the television or gaming console to further pressure our eyes.

To keep our eyes healthy, there is a need for regular rejuvenation therapy. We suggest that you take up these simple steps to relax your eyes.

1) Once you reach home, sit back in your easy chair and put cotton pads soaked in cold milk around the eyes. You could also do with slices of cucumber over the eyelids.

2) A few drops of coconut oil massaged around the eyes is a good remedy to get rid of dark spots. A mixture of glycerin and lemon juice applied around the eyes help remove dark circles.

3) A mixture of saffron and honey applied around the eyes can result in cooling of the area around the eyes.

4) A thin coat of castor oil before going to bed could remove puffiness from the eyelids and also help elongate the eyelashes. Baggy or puffy eyes can also be treated by keeping ice cubes on them.

5) Take off contact lenses before sleeping as this could lead to puffy eyes.

6) Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, carrots and diet rich in Vitamins A, B and C.

7) Drink plenty of water as this purifies the whole body and ensures that the eyes are bright and shiny always.

8) Women should always remember to remove their makeup before going to bed.

9) Sleep for eight hours at least as it is only rest that will revitalize you and cause your eyes to reflect the freshness.