What can you get done in 30 seconds? Probably not much, besides devour a delicious snack, depending on how hungry you are. You may be surprised to learn that unconsciously your body actually gets quite a bit done in that short amount of time, no matter how stationary you are.

In about the same amount of time it takes to say, get distracted at your job, your body is actually getting tons of things done. A video created by Buzzfeed gives us an interesting perspective of exactly what you get done in half a minute. For example did you know that in 30 seconds time you take 8 breaths, which result in the creation .3 grams of carbon dioxide? So the next time someone asks why you’re sitting around doing nothing, you can politely inform them that you just generated an average of 100 watts of energy and your heart beat around 36 times. Not too shabby for just sitting around.

As for cell production, you will on average create 72 million red blood cells and shed 174,000 skin cells before the minute hand even has a chance to change positioning. What’s even more impressive is that those little blood cells will have most likely traveling 4 miles. And next time you think you were just laying down for a minute doing nothing, remember that you most probably blinked about 12 times. In less time than it took to read this article you could have had about 25 thoughts, Buzzfeed reported. Wow, I think we all deserve a reward considering all the hard we put in merely living.