Crisis was averted this morning, after the owner of the downtown Manhattan park where the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are camping out called off plans to clean the park.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told FOX 5’s New York Good Day New York, that Brookfield Office Properties, the owner of Zuccotti Park, decided early Friday morning to postpone plans to clean the park, which was scheduled to happen at 7 a.m.

In his weekly WOR radio program, Bloomberg said threats were allegedly made to company, though he could not say who made the threatening calls. The company said they would meet with protesters later in the week to decide on a plan to clean up the park.

Brookfield had previously asked Bloomberg to assist to removing the more than 1,000 protesters that fill the park.

“The park has not been cleaned in four weeks, a process that is normally undertaken every night,” Brookfield said in a statement. “Our goal is to keep the park clean, safe, and accessible to all.”

Protesters descended on the park on Sept. 17 to protest the state of the economy. Other cities and towns across the nation have followed suit with similar – though smaller – protests like “Occupy Baltimore” and “Occupy Boston.”