The outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis that has brought about by has brought about food poisoning caused several downslides of businesses where eggs and chicken products are heavily involved. As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)has ruled that companies that are involved in raising poultry has to freeze unless all has been cleared of the dreaded bacterial contamination.

Since Wright County Egg has been one of those which was ordered to have a temporary freeze in operations has been cleared of this condition and everything have been corrected, it now has resumed operations and is back in business. During the height of the epidemic, it has been reported that the freeze covered poultry products, chickens, and eggs. The bacterial poisoning spanned throughout several states and was quite alarming. Some companies even stopped operations for several months as the FDA had to be sure that no danger will threaten the lives of poultry eating consumers.

The contaminated areas included egg-laying portions of the barns; all fowls present when the outbreak started were relocated as the egg houses were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and likewise tested for the presence of the dreaded bacteria. Those which are found to be infected with the outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis were all removed from the barn and were replaced with those which are free from the said bacteria or have already been vaccinated against it.

There were also problems that arose involving the presence of rats as these rodents are known to be carriers of diseases and can bring back contamination within the new set of poultry inside the barns. There were reports that feeds manufactured in the company-owned feed mill were found to be contaminated; this might be spread by the rodents themselves as they are very mobile throughout the entirety of the farm.

As the barn itself was sanitized, repairs were done also with other parts of it so as to eradicate the possibility of rodent entry. The feeds were also tested in order for the fowls to be kept safe. Prior to the freezing of operations, it was found out that eggs produced from two egg-laying barns were tested as positive with, and has caused the outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis and it was a cause for alarm. It was suggested however, and a good one at that, that monthly test will have to be conducted and there has to be continued environmental sampling followed with inspections.

The authorities have to be doubly sure that the bacteria have been totally eradicated. Outbreaks like this have to be given much attention to ensure the safety of the lives of individuals who consume these foods.