Ozempic is all the rage these days, especially among Hollywood celebrities who want to lose weight fast. But the downside to this fad is the shortage of the drug originally intended for diabetes patients.

Last month, NBC News reported on how people with diabetes were struggling to find prescription refills after Ozempic gained popularity as a weight loss aid on social media. It did not help that some celebrities were paying much to secure doses of the in-demand drug even though they weren’t diabetic.

Though Ozempic seemingly delivers its promised weight loss side effect, there is actually no need to take this injectable to lose weight. There are weight loss medications that also guarantee weight reduction. The best part is they are not for diabetes or other medical conditions. So there is no shame in securing multiple stocks for your weight loss journey.


A review of the best weight loss drugs by Pittsburgh City Paper narrowed down the list to a handful, and among them is Trimtone — a weight loss and diet supplement specially made for women.

The drug works in two ways: increasing metabolism rate and suppressing appetite. Backed by six clinical studies, Trimtone has gained popularity worldwide for its efficiency and the fact that it uses 100% natural ingredients.

The Measurement Instrument Database for the Social Sciences (MIDSS) lauded the supplement for burning stubborn fat and reducing carb cravings. The recommended dosage for the drug is one pill per day before breakfast. It’s designed for busy women who want to lose weight.


Leanbean is Pittsburgh City Paper’s top 2 best weight loss pill of 2023. Like Trimtone, this drug is also designed for women. It is a good alternative to Ozempic since it guarantees weight loss in three ways: appetite suppression, metabolism enhancement and fat burn.

The supplement contains glucomannan, which significantly reduces food cravings. The dietary fiber swells in the stomach, making users feel full for a long period. The vegan-friendly formulation includes vitamins and minerals that boost energy as well.

Leanbean is recognized by the European Academy of Sciences as an effective fat-burning supplement for women. The drug was originally intended for female athletes with extensive regimes, but its manufacturer has since expanded its availability to the general population.


The top choice for the best weight loss supplements of 2023 is PhenQ. Unlike the other two options, this fat-burning supplement is suitable for both men and women embarking on a weight loss journey.

PhenQ works five ways to ensure healthy weight loss — helping burn fat, reducing fat accumulation, crushing food cravings, boosting energy and balancing mood. The Pittsburgh City Paper said the drug delivers what it promises, so it’s not surprising that the supplement has established a huge following around the world.

MIDSS commended PhenQ for not making false claims and using only scientifically proven ingredients. The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals echoed the same sentiment in its review, stating PhenQ is currently the “ace of speeds” in speeding up the weight loss process.

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Consistent weight loss rather than yo-yo dieting may help keep unwanted pounds off for the long-term. Photo courtesy of Pixabay