To dry your hands with a paper towel, or to dry them using a hand dryer: That is always the question. Despite the research that's been done on each method, the guys at ASAP Science may have found one has a slight edge over the other.

The video starts off with a disclaimer and that's if you wash your hands properly with soap, your method of drying doesn't really matter. But, if you don't wash them properly — enthusiastically with soap for 15 to 20 seconds, something only five percent of people do — then you may want to grab the paper towel. With this method, 96 percent of hand moisture dries in 10 seconds compared to the 97 percent that dries in 45 seconds of using a hand dryer.

Why does that matter? The spread of bacteria is most likely to occur with wet skin, and if a person doesn't wait out the full 45 seconds, they use their damp hands to open doors and who knows what's on those handles. Additionally, ASAP Science found air dryers could be contaminated by the air flow from the bathroom. However, paper towels are bad for the environment. Over 13 billions pounds of the product is used each year, making the air dryer the eco-friendly option. Some science has shown that they can prevent deforestation and high carbon emissions.

So, how does someone achieve optimal hand hygiene? First, start washing hands correctly. Second, go for the paper towel when you can and third, watch the full ASAP Science video for the way to use said towel without hurting the environment. It's a win-win.