There’s nothing like the smell of a nice cup of coffee in the morning. There’s also nothing like the smell of a coffee drinker's urine. Or so a couple of guys have just found out.

In the YouTube comedy series "Good Mythical Morning," hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal had their employees eat different foods and then collect their urine for a sniff test. The big, bad asparagus that is notorious for changing the odor of urine was on the list, as was garlic, curry, salmon, coffee and the seemingly harmless puffed wheat. Complete with minor gagging, the hosts tried to determine who had eaten what based upon smell and color.

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“We’re not meant to do this,” McLaughlin says. “My body is telling me that you’re not meant to smell other people’s urine.”

Seeing the duo trying to detect the little notes of the urine samples is both gross and fascinating, especially when Neal comments on one, “Did you get something floral?”

As suspected, puffed wheat was the least offensive of the scented urines. The pair of sniffers even agreed it wasn’t that bad to smell it.

“That’s the most pleasant smelling pee I’ve ever smelled, and I’m including all the pee that’s come out of me,” McLaughlin said.

Urine can tell you a lot about a person. Its color indicates whether they are drinking enough water. And in a recent study in Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, doctors were able to analyze their patients’ urine to distinguish between four different types of diets the patients were randomly assigned. They looked for biological markers that are signs of certain foods being broken down — the byproducts of red meat will differ from those of vegetables, for instance.

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