A Philadelphia building has collapsed, killing one woman and leaving over a dozen people trapped inside. Thirteen of the 14 have been rescued and sent to local hospitals.

The collapse took place at 2140 Market Street around 10:30 this morning. Early reports indicate the collapse resulted from an industrial accident as construction crews worked on a four-story bookstore adjacent to a two-story Salvation Army.

Mayor Michael Nutter said he will not make any speculations until credible information has been released.

"I was parked on 21st just heading to Market Street, next thing you know it felt like an earthquake," Bernie Ditomo, a truck driver with Belfi Brothers, told NBC10 in Philadelphia. "I said, 'What the hell is going on?' My truck is totaled. I am a little dusty and dirty, but I'm alright. I am one of the lucky ones."

"The Special Ops team, we have their heavy rescue," fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers said, who has 125 people and 35 different pieces of equipment currently at work in the rescue effort. "Our biggest challenge is getting the tons of rubble off of folks, getting them extricated." Ayers added that his team has managed to make verbal contact with those still trapped.

Ayers said dozens of paramedics and fire crews were working to free the people trapped inside. Twelve people have been taken to various hospitals around the city. Ayers said the injuries are Class-3, which are stable to minor injuries.

Rescue crews could be seen digging through the debris and have brought in heavy machinery to help move debris.

"I've never encountered anything like this before anytime in my life, and I don't want to see it again," said Corey Vey, who works nearby and was driving down 22nd Street right before Market and saw the building come down. "I feel really lucky," Vey said. "That brick landed in my passenger seat. Lucky for the rainguard on my window that saved me from getting hit."

The collapse involved a Salvation Army corner thrift store and a four-story building next door with a sandwich shop on the first floor. It is not clear whether any other adjacent buildings were damaged. An active demolition has been underway for the past several days in the adjacent four-story building.

Market Street is currently closed from 18th to 30th Street, and OSHA officials said they were aware of the incident and would be launching an investigation.

"We have transit on them," Ayers said. "We're going to do what we can to get them out safely."