While diet and exercise are often given a lot of importance when it comes to staying good health, another component in the form of personal hygiene also plays a crucial role. And while the saying “Cleanliness is next to godliness” has become common but is overlooked even though this is often the first step to staying in good health.

So here are a few hygiene tips that will help one stay in good health (if they aren’t being followed yet):

Tip #1: Bathe daily

Since this one is the most basic one of the lot, bathing daily in the morning is a good habit to establish especially after rigorous activity. Ensuring that it isn’t just a shower but where one also takes scrubs all parts of their body is a must as this will not only rejuvenate the body but also make you feel fresh.

Tip #2: Wash your hands regularly

Illnesses are often caused through the spread of bacteria and viruses and can often be a result of not washing your hands. So it is a good practice to wash your with soap once you’ve dirtied them because the first place where your hand goes is towards the area of your face, and this can cause diseases.

Tip #3: Wear clean clothes

Wearing clean clothes is also a must as wearing clothes that aren’t clean can cause several skin disorders when one wears these clothes over and over again without washing them. Another good idea is to not wear socks repeatedly as this would mean that one could get their feet smelly and dirty and which could lead to other hygiene-related illnesses.

Tip #4: Good oral hygiene

Since your mouth is one of the most susceptible areas of the body to bacteria thus resulting in infections and illness, it is important to take brush your teeth and keep this part of your body as germ-free as possible.