Pfizer Inc. reached a settlement on Friday with three women from Philadelphia who claimed the company's menopause drugs caused them breast cancer, Bloomberg reports.

The settlement was reached days after a Philadelphia jury said Pfizer, the world's largest drug maker, should pay the women $72.6 million in compensatory damages.

None of the parties disclosed the amount of the settlement which could be less than the $72.6 million.

Pfizer and the three women were about to enter a phase in the trial where the jury had to determine if the warnings on the drug were adequate.

Had the jury ruled that the warnings on the drug were inappropriate Pfizer could have faced greater compensatory payments.

The lawsuit is related to menopause drugs Premarin, Provera and Pempro, made by two units of Pfizer: Pharmacia (which includes Upjohn) and Wyeth.

Premarin is an estrogen-based drug made by Wyeth. Provera is progestin-based made by Upjohn and Prempro from Wyeth is a combination of the two hormones.