Let’s face it: Social media sees a lot of nudity these days, regardless of whether there are censors. Magazine photos are hyper-sexualized, and many models or celebrities often go completely nude from the waist up, with only pasties or emojis covering their nipples.

That’s perhaps why Pink Ink Fund founder Amy Black, who runs an Instagram showcasing post-mastectomy tattoos, was shocked to find her Instagram suspended one day. According to Instagram’s email to her, her content could not be reactivated because it contained “sexually suggestive” content.

The Instagram page is indeed full of breasts — but none of them are sexually suggestive. In fact, they are uplifting and bring hope to thousands of women suffering from breast cancer. Many of the women featured on the Instagram show beautiful tattoos covering their mastectomies, and others don shirts that proclaim “Art Heals.” Click on "View Slideshow" to see the images.