It’s really hard to envision, even as adults, what our paths are when it comes to our health. Will we develop cancer? Alzheimer’s disease? Even the path of obesity, a precursor to many of the leading causes of preventable death, such as heart disease and diabetes, is hard to envision. But at the same time, it’s obvious: A life full of bad choices — both dietary and physical activity-wise — will result in a the development of these diseases.

A new ad from the Your Nutrition Spot paints this picture for those who can’t imagine it. But, going with the idea that healthy eating and exercise habits start early, it highlights the need for us to be more aware of the foods we’re giving our kids. And that starts with skipping the french fries (But so many kids love them!) and going with a healthier option, even if it means having your child scream in protest. By taking charge of our kids’ eating habits, we can reduce childhood obesity not only in the U.S., where 17 percent of children and adolescents are obese, but also throughout the world — the World Health Organization recently warned that as many as 75 million kids may be obese by 2025.

Of course, there are many obstacles to reducing childhood obesity. For one, food insecurity is a huge issue, giving many parents limited options to attaining healthy food. Another issue, a recent study found, is that too many parents don’t acknowledge that their kids are obese. Instead, they view their kids’ health as excellent or very good, despite having their kids referred to an obesity clinic. Though it’s a long road to reducing childhood obesity, it is possible. If you’re trying to cut your child’s weight, here are seven hacks to get your kid to eat his vegetables.