Hours after it was announced that the “psychotic” and “very violent” man convicted of stalking Madonna had escaped from a mental hospital late last week, the Los Angeles Police Department declared that they have arrested the 54-year-old fugitive not far from the Norwalk mental facility where he had escaped last Friday.

Police confirmed that they have arrested Robert Dewey Hoskins, who they had described as "a very psychotic man when not taking his medication" and has "very violent tendencies".

Hoskins was captured around 9 a.m. this morning and he is currently in police custody and being escorted back to the Metropolitan State Hospital.

Hoskins had served 10 years behind bars for threatening and stalking Madonna, and was said to have walked away from the facility without being noticed just a week ago, according to LAPD officials.

In 1996 Madonna had testified against Hoskins saying that she had nightmares about someone trying to harm her, and when she was her feelings about the incident she replied that she was sick to her stomach and was terrified.

"I feel incredibly disturbed that the man who repeatedly threatened my life is sitting across the room from me. I feel we are making his fantasies come true," Madonna had said.

Hoskins was released from state prison, but later he had a run-in with the police that resulted in his arrest and placement at the state hospital in Norwalk, LAPD said.

Madonna’s representatives have declined to comment on the incident, according to E! Online and messages to the spokeswoman of California Department of Mental Health were not immediately returned.

Halle Berry was also allegedly another one of Hoskins celebrity targets. Berry had cited his increased threats to “slit her throat” as being her motivation to leave the country in her recent child custody battle with her ex-partner.