Most women who find out they’re pregnant may see their next nine months as time they’ll get to rest, but Julia Sharpe wasn’t your typical pregnant woman. Nearly 10 weeks ago, Sharpe gave birth to twins. But it’s not the fact she gave birth to twins that’s so remarkable, it’s that she continued doing gymnastics for most of the time that she was pregnant.

You’ll just have to watch the videos above and below to see what we’re talking about. Sharpe has been a gymnast since she was 2 years old, and was the Division III women’s national all-around champion twice for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s club gymnastics team. She then joined the men’s club at MIT so that she could challenge herself with more rigorous training and routines.

Speaking to New York magazine, she said she trained during her pregnancy so she would be able to hit the gym as soon as she gave birth. As the weeks went by, she gradually dropped different workouts based on what her doctors told her. “At about 16 weeks, the contractions started so I was told to stop using my abs. At that point, I could mostly just do small swings and handstands, but I tried to continue a strength regimen that didn’t use my abs, and I swam,” she said. “At 34 weeks, when the babies were mature enough to be born if they decided it was time, I got to come off bed rest, so I did more handstands, but mostly just walked and did yoga.”

While gymnastics during pregnancy may sound a bit extreme, it’s perfectly fine as long as a doctor gives the OK. In fact, exercising while pregnant may even lower a mother’s risk of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes, according to Mayo Clinic.