A scuffle between a half-naked patient and his doctor turned deadly late last month and CCTV video has been released showing the fatal encounter. According to a statement released by authorities from the city of Belgorod in Russia, a criminal case has been launched after a video surfaced of Dr. Ilya Zelendinov punching 56-year-old Yevgeniy Bakhtin and brutally beating his friend.

Bakhtin was later pronounced dead due to “trauma to the skull and brain from hitting the back of the head on the hard surface of the floor.” The video shows Zelendinov in his hospital scrubs walking into an examining room and grabbing Bakhtin by the arm in an attempt to forcibly remove him. After pushing Bakhtin through a doorway he turns his attention to his friend.

After landing a flurry of punches, knees, and kicks to the head, Zelendinov, now dubbed “the boxer doctors,” turns and lands a vicious punch that appeared to knock Bakhtin out even before the floor came up to meet the back of his skull. A few minutes after the doctor stopped his assault on Bakhtin’s friend, nurses and hospital finally become aware of the man’s motionless body. Ironically, Zelendinov and a nurse unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate Bakhtin.

Reports claim Bakhtin had “kicked a nurse during a procedure” who turned out to be Zelendinov’s sister. The doctor has since been fired from his job as a surgeon, but remains free after signing a contract that states he will not travel during the investigation. The Belgorod Investigative Committee suspect Zelendinov caused Bakhtin’s death through negligence in which case he would only serve up to two years in jail.