A website launched by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney slammed Rick Perry as a “Career Politician” pointing out that there are over 1 million Texans out of work, the highest unemployment rate in Texas in over 20 years.

“Well I disagree with those numbers,” said Perry in an interview with ABC News.

The site, careerpolitician.com states that unemployment has doubled on Perry’s watch and that nearly half of new jobs in Texas over the last 4 years went to illegal immigrants.

The Romney website calls Perry an “Incumbent Politician” who has a bad jobs record and can’t face the facts.

The video continues with an edited clip of President Obama saying: “We’ve begun to see progress all across the country, businesses are beginning to hire again…our economy is now growing.”

Lettes on the video the ask: “If Rick Perry and Barack Obama don’t think there’s a problem, how can they fix it?”

October 14 Interview

In the interview on October 14, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos says Perry opponents cite figures showing a doubling of unemployment for the state and that 65 percent of the job gains since 2007 are government jobs.

“Is that a model for the country?” the news anchor asks.

Perry said he disagreed with the numbers but added that Texas “wasn’t immune” to rising unemployment all across the country.

He added that 95 percent of the jobs the state has created were above minimum wage and that “substantially more” than the figures the host mentioned wrere from the private sector.