In life, at one point or another, we are placed into categories, like short or tall, fat or skinny, or introvert or extrovert, to classify us. While extroverts are generally presented as outgoing, vivacious, and overall happier than their quieter and reflective counterparts, introverts can be happy, too, while embracing their inner wallflower. To help introverts achieve happiness, Happify, a website dedicated to helping people build skills for happiness through science-based approaches, created an infographic with happiness hacks to put a smile on your face, for the shy crowd.

Introverts, approximately one-third to half of the population, get their energy from indulging in “alone time,” or enjoying spending time alone or in small groups. While introverts may have a preference for “less stimulating environments than others,” and may be less sensitive to the rewards that come with being social, they can still achieve happiness despite their personality type. A recent study published in the Journal of Research in Personality found those who felt or acted more extroverted in daily situations were happier, which may indicate happiness lies in your own personality.

Happify shows introverts how to extract the most happiness from their social style with these hacks:

1. Make a lunch date with a close friend.

2. Look at photos of a time you felt connected to others.

3. Plan an intimate dinner for your next birthday.

4. Next time you’re tapped out, take a day off just to give into a good book.

5. Pass up small, immediate rewards in favor of bigger rewards down the line. Anticipating stuff makes us happy.

6. Act out (once in a while). Acting outgoing or energetic makes all people happier, whether they’re introverted or extroverted. It’s best to aim to do activities with a little more zest by trying to be a bit more talkative, energetic, active, and adventurous.

For introverts who are ready to take on more of a challenge, Happify lists a few ways to step outside yourself — without changing who you are:

1. Speak up first at a meeting.

2. Talk to someone on the train or in the waiting room. In a University of Chicago study, people who were spoken to in a waiting room felt just as positive about the experience as the strangers who initiated it.

3. Chat up your barista. One study found even those who were more reluctant to have a social interaction with a stranger were happier when they smiled, made eye contact, and had a quick conversation with the person who sold them their morning coffee. Being social can help people feel like they belong.

4. Step up to the mic during karaoke.

To learn more happiness hacks, view the Happify infographic below.

What every introvert needs to know to be happy & successful
Infographic courtesy of Happify. Happify