It is not easy to track a bout of epilepsy characterized by violent twitching and seizure till you have had more than on incidence of seizure.

Children and elderly are the ones who are most prone to getting a bout of epilepsy. Experts say that bouts of epilepsy are brought on by injury to the head when electrical impulses in the brain go over the normal limits.

While it’s not easy to know why a seizure or convulsions are brought on, but here are few causes that may trigger it:

1. Low oxygen supply to the brain especially during birth. Medical experts say that a large part of all epilepsy patients are known to have had a problematic delivery

2. Head injuries during childhood. Small children falling on their heads from a bed or while being carried around is another prime suspect

3. Brain tumor could cause epileptic fits though these are curable via surgery

4. Genetic conditions that injure the neurons in the brain.

5. Sudden stroke that causes damage to the brain.

6. Fluctuation in sodium and blood sugar in the body

7. Meningitis or encephalitis