We all know that proteins are a must since the basis of our cellular structure is amino acid – a derivative of protein. So here are few reasons why you need to take in proteins:

1. If you want to lose weight then protein rich diet is a must. You have to ensure that 30 to 50 percent of your calorie needs should be provided by proteins in your food.

2. If you want to curb your diet then high protein diet works wonders in curbing your appetite. It also changes a person’s metabolism.

3. When choosing a high protein diet, a nutritious variant would be one that is low in fat so that you can lose weight faster.

4. White meat as in chicken packs in loads of protein without being fat rich so helping in your overall diet control.

5. Low fat milk products are a good option. Milk, cheese and yogurt give you protein and balance the calcium in your body. Eat up or drink up.

6. No matter you love your proteins in the form of soya, beans and nuts but do not forget a healthy dose of veggies and fruits to keep the fibers coming in.

7. High protein diet means less cereals and grains so make up for the loss by going for whole grains, and staying away from refined flours and white rice.