When it comes to stomach problems there are too many stories that go round the symptoms that it can be tough to digest sometimes.

Often we do not seek the right treatment for a stomach ailment or stress unduly over little tummy aches based on the myths we hear daily. Here are 10 most popular misconceptions that can plague your stomach worries:

1) Myth: You cannot digest gum and it can cause a blockage in your intestines. The truth is that chewing gum may not dissolve easily in your stomach, but it does not stick to the lining. Like everything else that enters our tummy, gum too gets pushed out. The digestive system moves it along and the gum is eliminated in the natural process of the body.

2) Myth: Spicy foods can burn your stomach lining and cause ulcers. The truth is that research shows that ulcers in the stomach are caused by bacterial infection and long term use of pain medication like aspirin, and ibuprofen. Spicy food may aggravate the pain caused by the ulcers but will not cause it.

3) Myth: Eating too much beans can cause flatulence. The truth is that despite the misconception, it is dairy products which cause maximum gas in the stomach. Beans actually add the necessary fiber to keep your stomach clean – body does need longer time to digest beans, so you may feel full longer. A moderate amount every alternate day is actually good for health. As you age, your body loses the capacity to absorb the sugar in milk and milk products. So if you notice a sense of bloating after having dairy products, look for lactose free substitutes.

4) Myth: You cannot have dairy products if you are lactose intolerant. The truth is that we all know how important it is to get the calcium that milk provides. So if you find yourself suffering from bloating or gas after a glass or two of milk then substitute it with a dairy product. Most lactose intolerant people show intolerance to straight milk, so get your dose of calcium from yoghurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and Swiss or cheddar cheese.

5) Myth: Smoking a cigarette does not have an impact on stomach. Well, the truth is that smoking is not calming; it can trigger a heart burn. Nicotine relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, a muscle between the esophagus and stomach, which lets the acidic contents of the stomach to flow back into the esophagus. This increased acid reflux leads to heartburn.

6) Myth: Aging can cause more frequent constipation. It is true that as one ages the body’s natural digestion process slows down, and as a result you may experience more instances of constipation. What really causes constipation is the medication taken to treat other conditions. Also at this age one tends exercise less and consume less fluids and fiber, which can contribute to constipation as well.

7) Myth: Eating fiber helps only treat constipation but not diarrhea. We know that fiber helps in constipation, but it also helps in treating severe diarrhea. Fiber actually helps regulate the stomach, and makes the stools neither too loose nor too hard. Fiber works by pulling more water to soften the stools or absorb water to firm it up so that it can pass normally.