Many men see the female orgasm as one of life's perplexing mysteries. The difference between a vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm can leave a man feeling confused and inadequate. Just like females, male sexuality involves more than just stimulation and ejaculation, it includes emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing

Male sexuality is more complicated than we realize, from penis size to the male "G-spot." There's plenty about the male anatomy and how it works that can change the way we think about men and sex. The six facts down below can equip us to understand masculinity, and change our love life — for the better.

1. The Male G-spot exists

Similar to women, men have a "G-spot" that's roughly located one to two inches inside the rectum toward the testicles, and is approximately the size of a walnut. Stimulating the G-spot permits the prostate gland to be touched, leading a man to have an intense orgasm without even touching the penis. This is also known as a "prostate massage", which targets the male G-spot, so it inevitably feels good.

2. Ejaculatory Inevitability is pretty common

Most men will inevitably achieve orgasm after receiving a certain amount of stimulation. In a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, researchers coined the term "ejaculatory inevitability" to describe this phenomenon. They found 75 percent of men reach orgasm after two minutes or less of masturbation.

3. The refractory period lasts from half an hour or more

Men need some rest before achieving another orgasm — this is known as the refractory period. During this time, a man doesn't think about sex or get aroused, and the body does not respond to sexual stimulation or achieve orgasm again until this period is over, according to the International Society for Sexual Medicine. It can last anywhere from half an hour or more for the body to perform sexually again. This is all contingent on age, physical fitness, and lifestyle.

4. The average erect penis is 5.57 inches long

The length of the average erect penis is 5.57 inches long, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The researchers find these self-reported figures are consistent with other research on penis size. The study also found the smallest penis is 1.57 inches long, while the longest is 10.23 inches long.

5. Oral sex makes the penis bigger

The same study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found oral sex boosted penis size for men. Those who received oral sex before self-reporting their size had significantly larger penises than men who measured after fantasizing, or those who were masturbating. Perhaps oral sex is a natural size enhancement.

6. There are two kinds of male penises

Yes, there are two kinds of male penises — known as "growers" or "showers." A international Men's Health survey found 79 percent of men have growers, 21 percent have showers. The grower penis expands and gets longer as it erects. For example, if it was five inches before stimulated, it could get as long as seven to eight when fully erect. Contrastingly, a shower penis looks bigger when it's not erect. This type of penis does not increase too much after erection. So, if a shower has a five-inch penis, he may not get longer than 5.5 to 6 inches after erection.

It seems just like females, male sexuality is more complicated than we thought.